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Follow your intuition to discover the source of your suffering. 


Although having grown up in a Buddhist family, much of my "interest" in spirituality and Buddhism relied on enjoying the new year celebrations hosted at temples as a young girl. In those early years, my interests were more heavily fixated on understanding the scientific basis of how and why anything happened leading me to complete a B.A. in Biology at Carleton College with honors. For most of my life, I lived a happy life supported by a loving family and not in serious lack of basic needs. However, despite my passionate efforts to apply scientific knowledge to understand and solve everything in my life, during my college years, I started experiencing bouts of severe anxiety and depression from an unknown source. On the surface, everything seemed fine, I had a supportive family and friends, was thriving in school, and was on track to getting into medical school to pursue my combined passion of studying science and helping people. However, as the years went by, the depression became so severe that I started looking for a way to end the suffering. That is when suicidal thoughts also crept in from time to time. Conventional therapy methods and medications weren't very appealing to me as I desired to find the source of the suffering and cure it rather than simply treat it. Intuitively speaking, something spoke to me at that point to look into alternative methods of healing, specifically quantum healing. As "luck" would have it, through quantum healing, I could discover the source of my suffering and rapidly heal from the depression and suffering to finally experience the sense of freedom and peace I had been searching for. I did end up in medical school as my desire to help people using scientific means was still strong at the time but ended up leaving as I finally realized that my passion relied on using holistic healing to help others heal on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. To that end, I am currently pursuing an M.S. in Psychology at California Southern University, looking to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology and utilizing my personal experience and formal training in Quantum Healing to help others. 

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